Partners FAQ

How do I become a rare partner?

Simply sign up for a Rare Partner Account. Once you’re a partner, you will receive a referral link and also start signing clients up under your account. You’ll be earning a portion of the revenue Rare earns from each client from the day you sign them up.

How does the partner program work?

Everytime you refer a client to us, you will receive up to 20% revenue share for each client.

How will I get paid?

You will receive a monthly deposit (via PayPal) once your income exceed $50 USD. Monthly revenues under $50 USD carry on the following month.

How do I sign up a customer?

You can sign up customers through the Partners portal at

If a client signs up for a trial account and upgrades, will I be paid for the upgraded plan?

Yes, the plan change will be reflected in your monthly commission.

What information will I be able to track about my affiliated clients?

You can track who your affiliated clients are, the total revenue in that pay period generated by all your affiliated clients, and the total revenue to date from all your affiliated clients.

Will I get marketing materials to promote rare to my clients?

Yes, you can download our media asset from the website.

Is the amount I earned capped?


What happens if I want to dispute an amount of revenue I’ve been paid?

Please contact with the full description of the issue. We’ll review your message and see what we can do to get it resolved.

How do I cancel my partnership after signing up?

Please contact our partnership team at and we will turn off your partner code.

Don’t see the information you’re looking for?

Please email